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Somewhere in the echo


A Little Death

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Now my life’s sweet like cinamon
Like a fuckin’ dream I’m living in

A nice spring evening. I’m laying on my bed with a laptop in my hands wearing only underwear, shirts of the man I love and my long black socks. Balcony door are open wide and the fresh air is flowing in. My roommate isn’t here so I’ve turned up Lana del Rey - Radio really loud. I’m enjoying this evening and I don’t feel like doing anything. Just like this. Watching some movies, drinking gallons of tea and eating chocolate. Killing the time. It’s just so good to feel a little of happiness again after those terrific four days of dark thoughts and contemplations of everything I’ve been doing with my life. It’s just good to know that tomorrow I wouldn’t have to get up early. That, possibly, my annoying roommate is not coming back tonight, so I guess she’s with her boyfriend again trying to eliminate the hard feelings of yesterday’s fight. This dysthymia may kill me some day. But not now. Because I have a day-off tomorrow. Because the evening sun is shinning through my window. Because the music is loud. Because the only thing’s that’s missing is HIM. But that’s okay, ’cause he’s gonna be here in a day. Oh, and yeah, I’d love to have a smoke now as well. But I’m giving this up (not really working, though). Either way. It’s good to be alive. Some days.


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